Virginia Mason JP03 & JP05

This design assist IPD project included the build out of 8 normal and 2 hybrid operating rooms, PACU, staff support and waiting room area in an occupied facility. The complexities included working hand in hand with the design team, patient care staff, hospital vendors, facilities personnel and the hospital IT group stretching the limits of the Integrated Project Delivery model and modular prefabrication. Major success’s for Prime Electric included overcoming extremely congested site logistics by utilizing our Nex Traq material tracking system and insuring pin point just in time delivery modules. Also critical to the build process was the tightly coordinated interface between Prime and hospital imaging vendors to insure a timely, functional and accurate BIM model for prefabrication of the imaging infrastructure. The final component was extensive interactive weekly pull planning sessions which insured all project milestones were completed ahead of schedule and allowed for an early “Go Live” date.

Seattle, WA



Turner Construction