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There when you need us

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for responsiveness and for resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Part of doing this means ensuring leadership is present at each stage of a project. Every job we handle is assigned a Principal In Charge, giving our clients easy access to a highly knowledgeable and experienced team member who’s ready to pick up the phone, find a solution and keep the project on schedule.

Introducing Bob Ledford as the new President of Prime Electric.


Eric Reichanadter

CEO, Majority Principal

I absolutely love my role with Prime. I get the opportunity to work every day with some of the brightest and most energetic minds within the industry. I find myself empowered by the continuous achievement of solutions, improvements and ongoing growth within our organization.

Mike Broberg

Chief Financial Officer

The backbone of our organization can be found in the disciplined monthly job cost procedural controls, which lower our risk profile substantially, and ensure the long term financial health and success of the company.

Bob Ledford


I believe in transparency, telling the truth, knowing what's going on and learning from our mistakes. We strive to work efficiently and honorably on all levels and in everything we do.

Oliver Whitehead

COO, Washington

Success at Prime is measured in the value we provide our clients, the safe, high-quality work we do, how well we treat our employees and the ways we contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We want to be the electrical contractor that everyone wants on their project and the top destination for those working in the industry.

Danny Thomas

COO, California

I believe that our Field First mindset is what sets us apart from others. Our great company culture has always felt more like a family environment working as one.

Terry Hatch

Chief Information Officer

Technology is the foundation for progress and growth. From reducing the friction to access information on job-sites to increasing the pace and efficiency at which data can be processed and utilized across operating groups and departments, Prime has invested in the technological and human resources necessary to take our business to the next level.

Jeff Tomlinson

Director of Sales

Bob Hashemi

Director of Engineering

Craig Ayers

Group Executive

Ed Gutekanst

Group Executive

Michael Sanjurjo

Director of Sales

Ty Carson

Group Executive

Brandon Elliott

Group Executive

Ken Hughes

Chief Administrative Officer

Mike Austin

Group Executive

Bryan Olson

Group Executive

Kevin Schmoll

Director of Field Operations

Aaron Hankes

Group Executive

Jason Bischofberger

Group Executive

Sam Rathert

Group Executive

Department Heads & Executive Leadership

Alice Robello

Accounting Manager

Mike Newton

Director of Virtual Construction Services

Robyn Austin

Director of Job Cost

Rick Ames

Director of Preconstruction

Will Fletcher

Project Executive

Alan Bruso

Logistics Director

Lisa Kenyon

Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Philanthropic Giving

TJ Porter

Director of Pre-Construction Estimating

Mike Collie

Safety Director

Rob Lincavage

Group Executive

Kyle Mochizuki

Director of Job Cost

Nancy Kemna

Project Executive

Sabrina Jones

Director of Talent Aquisition

Holly Harvey-Smith

Director of Human Resources

Rusty Sturgeon

Director of Prefab & Lean Initiatives

Brian Taylor

Group Executive

Jason De Frates

VCS Manager

Kayleen Tinker

Director of Marketing

Jeanette McArdle

Project Executive

Nick Lombardi

Chief Estimator

Todd Davis

Chief Estimator

Tyce Wilhite

Project Executive

Keith Janssen

Group Executive

Joe Moran

Project Executive

Tyler Boyer

Project Executive

Jim Rosenbaum

Project Executive

Chase Nabors

Director of Purchasing

Heather Gard

Project Executive

Johnathan Graves

Project Executive

Scott Moreau

Project Executive

Sean Nelson

Project Executive

Mike Cimino

Project Executive

David Forsyth

Project Executive