At PRIME, we believe that Safety is both a personal and corporate responsibility. Safety training, creating safety awareness, recognizing and correcting hazards in a timely manner, and safety policy and procedure enforcement are the most important functions that we provide to our teams and clients. Our safety program is in-depth and each employee is responsible and held accountable for a safe working environment.
We have empowered employees of every level on our teams to recognize and correct safety issues on the spot. This approach keeps us all responsible for creating the safest and most productive work environments possible.

We believe that safety can coexist with production when there are robust emergency management and safety plans in place. Our industry-leading safety program includes:


  • Comprehensive site-specific safety plan/IIPP and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) prepared for every project
  • Daily, documented pre-task planning for all teams
  • In-house safety directors to work with all foremen and projects for training and hazard assessment
  • Drug testing of all employees at hire and randomly throughout employment
  • Weekly site and shop safety meetings
  • Safety bulletins and near-miss notifications
  • Weekly site safety audits by our safety directors
  • Written safety program
  • Written new-hire orientation program
  • Safety incentive awards (annual awards and incentives) and continual in-house training
  • Our internal safety committee including management, field foremen, and journeyman wiremen
  • All Prime Electric foremen are trained in First Aid and CPR
  • In-house safety training program that covers topics such as asbestos/lead awareness, LOTO, NFPA and ARC Flash guidelines, confined space training, equipment training and certification, First Aid/CPR, fall protection, PPE and aerial platforms
  • Designated project-specific safety coordinators