EV Chargers


Electric vehicle technology is the key to decarbonizing road transportation and reducing overall global energy-related emissions. With over three million electric vehicles already on the road, investments in charging infrastructure and advancements in battery technology have increased along with the number of drivers making the switch (IEA). To meet the growing demand for electric mobility, PRIME has emerged as a leading installer, and service provider for a diverse range of Level 2 & 3 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) systems available on the market. Our turnkey EV services include:

  • PRECONSTRUCTION – Site evaluation, value engineering design, utility coordination/permitting activities, and scheduling.
  • INSTALLATION – Project management, site supervision, electrical installations, civil construction services, startup, and commissioning. 
  • POST CONSTRUCTION – 24/7 Emergency response, troubleshooting, repair, preventative maintenance, and warranty.



For over a decade, our team has partnered with a variety of clients to install and maintain over 1,000 charging stations across Washington and California. Specializing in integrated energy solutions, we extend beyond traditional infrastructure to optimize renewable sources. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our clients’ charging stations are compatible with our client’s current and future operations. 


Accessible to the general public, these chargers are owned and operated by government bodies or organizations.

Federal/state agencies, school districts, municipalities, counties, and cities.


These chargers are owned and operated by individuals or organizations in residential and commercial areas.

Mixed-use/multi-family, healthcare, hospitality, and workplaces.


Usually dedicated to a group of vehicles, these chargers are owned or leased by a company for business use.

Motor pools, delivery, logistics, passenger transportation, service, and company vehicles.