Intuit Marine Way

This ground up project involved Intuit’s expansion of its corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for holistic green new construction, the building is part of a plan to double the size of the existing Intuit campus. The innovative workspace will support Intuit’s growth in the Bay Area while creating a great work environment for its employees. This is the most recent project for Prime Electric that obtained the LEED Platinum Certification. The project completed in late 2016. The facility has pushed the innovative envelope in every aspect of design with the goal “to make Mountain View a better place through sustainable efforts”. This building is the first of a pair of four-story buildings to incorporate living roofs, solar panels and the ability to produce half of the building’s power on site. The Marine Way building was designed to promote innovation and collaboration.

Prime Electric was selected to provide the electrical design and installation of this new state of the art building. The facility consists of an 185,000 square foot office building, 74,000 square feet of landscape area surrounding the building and a 553 space 135,000 square foot parking garage. Additionally, approximately half of the project’s power is generated on site by roof-mounted PV arrays.

Prime Electric is proud to have been a part of this innovative and meaningful project.

Mountain View, CA



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