Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)

Prime was awarded the design build projects for the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) Building core and shell and the Tenant Improvement build out. GIX is a global partnership between major research universities and innovative corporations to develop thought leaders in innovation.

Prime collaborated with outside engineering on design and worked to achieve scope control and constructibility reviews. We assisted in all aspects of the electrical design process including lighting and space programming to identify outstanding constructability issues. We also worked to identify missing components early, which will help to control rework and “fall back” production delays. Work was planned in advance of implementation by using Primes internal pre-work planning package. Prime implemented internal weekly stakeholder meetings to keep the field and project management teams on the same track with a three week look ahead and provided full transparency of issues. Unique scheduling challenges include coordination of third party vendor equipment and making sure services are integrated, and available.

Early and accurate budgeting was critical to this project since there were some very unique aspects such as planning special provisions for dedicated “hands on” technology training equipment (Laser Cutters/3-D printers etc.) and Coordination of Maker Spaces and Incubator Labs. In addition, the electrical and communication backbone was validated by identifying and prioritizing base program requirements and “future proofing” design solutions to accommodate technological advances as they occur. Material buyout for this project is currently underway and will employ an “economy of scale” approach working in concert with other large projects in house, to make sure the end user benefits from our maximum buying power. Our pre-fab and packaging warehouses are utilized as much as possible to decrease the amount of on-site personnel, and to take advantage of a “controlled environment” assembly line for efficiency. Procurement details were provided during design to make sure that when products are selected, they fit within the schedule vs letting material lead times dictate our schedule.

Bellevue, WA



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