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Prime Electric (PRIME) leads the charge toward a more sustainable future as a recognized leader in integrated energy solutions. Beyond traditional infrastructure, our services optimize renewable energy sources such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Stationary Battery Energy Source Systems (BESS), and Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. In our ongoing efforts for continuous improvement, we actively contribute to reducing carbon footprints and advancing cleaner energy practices. Our capabilities cover a broad spectrum of renewable energy services allowing us to support our clients throughout the lifespan of their project.

PRIME works closely with our clients to meet their sustainability goals, offering value engineering, construction, and procurement services to design energy-efficient systems. By staying current with the latest industry knowledge, we find solutions to maximize returns on environmentally friendly investments. Our experienced team actively seek out tax and grant incentives to reduce cost and forecast future needs. In the video below, we highlight recent work and team members who showcase our commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions when it comes to PV/EV systems.

Golden Gate Meat Company (GGMC), a wholesale meat distributor in Richmond, California, is on the fast track to becoming a sustainability leader in a city known for high fossil fuel pollution. Taking a proactive approach to their green initiatives, GGMC partnered with PRIME to complete a comprehensive energy analysis and implement a strategic design approach to maximize existing rooftop and parking lot space. The result included the installation of 964 solar panels on the roof, 4 inverters, and 2 EV chargers, complete with infrastructure to accommodate future EV charger installations.

For over a decade, our dedicated team has collaborated with diverse clients, successfully installing and maintaining over 1,000 EV charging stations across Washington and Northern California. Our expertise in sustainability has earned us a prominent role as a top installer and service provider for a range of Level 2 & 3 EV charging systems. PRIME is equipped with knowledgeable renewable energy specialists and with plans to expand in the upcoming year (stay tuned!). We look forward to sharing our knowledge with clients who are eager to turn a green leaf.

Riley Yale, Marketing Manager

Riley Yale, Marketing Manager


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