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Before AutoCAD and Revit, contract documents and hand drawings were the early foundations of construction plans. Technology has transformed the construction space, allowing for better installation and production data, visualization, precise measurements, and the ability to make necessary changes with efficiency. This is managed all before the costly setbacks and errors that can plague a project in the field. Prime Electric’s approach to Prefabrication and Virtual Construction Services (VCS) revolves around our core value: continuous improvement. We’ve refined our processes to the next level, allowing our electricians to be more efficient and passing cost-savings to our customers.

The PRIME Prefab team has grown quickly, by size and process development. The Prefab shop has doubled in size, with a new layout that is designed for optimum production. Using a Lean approach to maximize efficiency, the new and improved shop floor is laid out into work cells. Each work cell is designed to support the production of specific types of assemblies. The cells are designed using a technique called Work-Place Organization which dictates dedicated spots for all tools, materials, and information. With this approach every employee is free to focus on their task at hand. Rusty Sturgeon, Director of Prefabrication, has developed a standardized system that reduces safety risks, limits on-site waste, and accelerates schedules. He and his team collaborate with the VCS team on assembly standardization, providing instructions that include scope, scheduling, bills of material, dimensioning, and quantities.

A major advantage that PRIME benefits from is the many team members in our Prefab and VCS departments who have years of field experience. They’re able to bring their hands-on installation knowledge from the field and apply that knowledge to a virtual design. This approach ensures a design for installation that is both efficiently constructable and employs our standard prefab assemblies. VCS collaborates with Prefab to ensure that the installation design provides an insight into early assembly production schedules and releases. These schedules are set-up to support the fields installation schedule on-site. This alignment enables the field team to tailor their installation approach with their assembly packages. As technology develops, VCS and Prefab embraces the growth and continually forecasts and adapts – which allows us to be scalable, increasing our volume as needed. Our standardization approach ensures our consistency of procedures across other regions.

Watch our latest video below to see the Prefab process.

Nancy Smith, Executive Director of Marketing

Nancy Smith, Executive Director of Marketing


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